An event service is one of the staffs of an event staff company that help or does the serving duties to everyone in an event. They should be able to move quickly, stand for long hours, and provides the guest request. Boston event servers are trained and certified to help with your event staffing and serving needs.

What does an event server do?

An event server is the one how is serving food and beverages to the guest; they can also get the request of some guest like tissues, utensils and what not. They are just like waiters in a restaurant they should be there attending to the needs and to accommodate the guest there are a different task that they can do from refilling trays of food, to serving the guest, to cleaning the tables and making sure everything is in order so there will be no problem in an event.

  • Roaming around to attend and accommodate guest in their tables
  • Make sure the table are clean and complete
  • Refill food trays and beverages
  • Attend to customers request
  • Serves customer food and beverages
  • Carries and roam around with a tray of foods to beverages
  • Cleans up a table during the end of an event.

What are the qualities of a good event server?

Energetic – an event can last for hours the servers should be active and energetic during this hours they should maintain a friendly and smiling face when assisting a customer no matter how tiring this job can be. They need to make sure that they are prepared and ready to take on the job since there would be a lot of tasks that they should do from standing for hours, moving around and serving the customers they should be tough and quick in everything they do. For a guest to be satisfied in their jobs.

Friendly – the server should always be respectful, polite, and friendly especially when dealing with guest and their request no matter how stressful and tiring the job can be they should always put a smile in their face and should be cheerful. They should sound friendly when talking to their guest.

Great communication skills – the servers should not only communicate well with the guest but also to the other staffs it is important to have good communication to avoid misunderstandings and problems in the party they should have great teamwork so that they can work effectively and so that the party would have an easy flow.

Great attention to detail – it is important that the servers are focus and attentive to the guest, their request, and the food for example if there are no napkins or utensils on a guest table they should be alert to find one and fill it in right away it is important to provide great service to the guest. It is also important that a server is aware on what the food that they are serving from the way it was cool and also the ingredients so that they can respond to the guest when ask serving a food an knowing all about it is important for example you guest is allergic to peanuts it is important that they avoid that ingredient to avoid allergies and situations to get worst.